Why should you have a portrait?  
It allows the world to see the story of You.  It shows others that you are indeed important.  It allows ourselves to reach and connect with others around us and far away.
Of course you could just take a selfie with your cell phone.  With the rate of technological advancements our cell phones are nearly as good as most consumer level cameras.  This is not about having the latest and greatest gear. 
Having a photographer create your portrait helps us all to see ourselves in a new light.  Whereas a selfie will work great when you need photos in a pinch.  A selfie will only show the world what you see in yourself whereas a portrait allows the world to see you for who you are. 
Don't think you have a story?
We all have a story.  We tell it every day with every smile and every frown actually. Together we will work on bringing out the best of who you are and not only document your beauty that is who you are, but also tell the greatest story of who you are.
I want to help you share your greatest story.  You!
So really why?
No matter the world’s standards of beauty and vanity you are worth it.  Give yourself the recognition that you too are human and important
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